About PinG Vic/Tas.

About Victoria/Tasmania Partners in Grain

The Vic/Tas PinG Reference Group Althea Hunt (State Chair), Robyn Gulline (Vice Chair),Pam Heath, Penny Hendy, Merna Curnow, Eileen Jorgensen, Maeve Kennedy, Fiona Chilvers and Annette Lambert along with Nickie Berrisford Coordinator, provide input and support to the project.

PinG Vic/Tas have a series of workshops in place for 2016 with a focus on Employment both Legal Obligations and Managing People.

Planning is underway for Farm Business Essentials and Plan2Profit workshops.

To much mutual benefit, Vic/Tas PinG works closely with the Grains Industry Training Network (GITN) and the VFF Grains Group.

PinG has partnerships with industry bodies, ensuring delivery of relevant programs to benefit participants in the grains industry.

Our events and activities are designed to meet grower needs, but not to duplicate what else is available.

For more information about PinG or running workshops in your area, contact the Vic/Tas Coordinator Nickie Berrisford.