About PinG SA.


Our Business

Within Partners in Grain each state operates in a way that best suits their state. Partners in Grain – SA has developed a model of providing targeted professional development to meet the needs of farming businesses and their communities through a group network.

Group can be existing groups or group that come together specifically to do training with Partners in Grain. Groups are encouraged to drive their own professional development at a level and methodology that suits them. This enables individuals to address gaps in their skills and knowledge on a range of topics and in a way that suits them.

Partners in Grain – SA supports the group to host professional development in their local community. This includes accessing high quality speakers, sourcing funding and working with the community to ensure the professional development delivered meets their training needs.

Our Track Record

Partners in Grain – SA has a reputation for delivering high quality professional development in regional South Australia. Partners in Grain – SA believes that people in rural communities should have access to high quality trainers and be able to attend professional development in their local communities. Partners in Grain – SA works across all grain growing areas of the state.

After each workshop I attend, I am always able to come back to our business and implement something straight away. This has included streamlining office processes, buying more shares and being more savvy in the way we market our grain”. Partners in Grain – SA Group Coordinator.

Our People

 SA Coordinator

Kim Blenkiron is the State Coordinator for Partners in Grain – SA. Kim has a long involvement with Partners in Grain, facilitating the initial national meeting in Adelaide in 2001 that lead to the development of the national Partners in Grain program and a strategic planning session with the South Australian Reference Group in 2004. When the opportunity arose in 2009 Kim joined the Partners in Grain – SA team as the State Coordinator.

Kim is passionate about working with rural communities and rural people, particularly women in rural communities, to enable them to build capacity to make positive change in their businesses and communities.

SA Reference Group

The SA Reference Group is a committed group of volunteers that set the strategic direction of Partners in Grain – SA. Members of the group come from a range of backgrounds, have a diverse skill set and are geographically spread over South Australia.

The main roles of the SA Reference Group include:

  • developing the strategic direction for Partners in Grain – SA
  • identifying grower training requirements
  • assisting to develop opportunity to deliver professional development in their communities
  • working with industry partners.

 SA Reference Group Members

Liz Moyle, Pinnaroo

Natalie Sommerville, Spalding

Sharon Honner, Adelaide

Jeanette Long, Ardrossan

Tracy Cross, Strathalbyn

Hannah Loller, Karoonda

Jessica Crettendon, Minnipa

Wendy Finch, Balaklava

Group Coordinators

The Partners in Grain – SA group network works so well because within each group is a group member that has volunteered to be the group coordinator. The Group Coordinators assist with the on ground organising of professional development. The Group Coordinators also get invited to professional development days with the State Reference Group.

Contact Kim for any PinG SA or PinG National queries.