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PinG NSW Partners with Plan 2 Profit

PinG NSW are partnering with Plan to Profit to deliver the Farm Business Essential series of workshops across NSW in June, July and August.

Turn your tax return into key Farm Business Management data.

All farm business have their tax returns completed annual, but this report remains one of the least understood and utilised report(s) understood by farmers. This 1-day workshop helps farmers turn their tax return information into useful management information and to understand what this information means so that their business can be better managed.

Extend your skills in Farm Business decision making with uncertainty.

This 1-day simulation workshop help participants to experience making physical and business management decisions under different seasonal conditions to assess the impact of their decision making on business’ profitability. There is no better workshop available to help participants understand how they make decisions with the dynamics and uncertainty of a farming business. This is a ‘flight simulator’ for farming.

Analyse your Farm Business for improved business decision making.

This 2-day course uses P2PAgri software to help farmers analyse their own farm data, and use scenario analysis (‘what if’ questions) to monitor and inform their business decision making.

Find out more about these great workshops Plan 2 Profit flyer

Contact Tony Hudson by emailing tony@hudsonfacilitation.com.au  or call 0407 701 330


GRDC workshops

If you believe you can get 20 people together to come to one of these training events please contact the coordinator and arrange a workshop

The 4 GRDC workshops PinG NSW offer are:

  • Farm Office Efficiencies. More Organisation. Less Office Time
  • Being a Better Boss – Managing People (HR)  
  • Being a Better Boss – Legal Obligations (IR)  
  • Technology, Tablets & Tips. Managing your business on the go

Find out more about the content of each workshop: PinG NSW 2016 Workshops

The 4 workshops were developed through funding from GRDC.  PinG NSW is able to deliver the number of workshops it does through support from GRDC and other partners.

The support we receive allows PinG NSW to reduce the cost of a workshop from approximately $350 per person to $142 per person. Due to our funding sources, growers have preference for places at PinG workshops. If a workshop becomes full, a non-grower may be asked to pass their registration onto a grower. Non-farm businesses must pay $350 (incl. GST) for each participant.


Upcoming Workshops

Farm Office Efficiencies

Recommended by 99% of participants (95 people) at 10 workshops in 2015. OFFICE-WORKSHOP-PINGNSW

Maximum of 20 people per workshop

Town Date Venue Register
Yeoval 23rd May 2016 Yeoval Golf Club Registration Closed
Coolah 24th May 2016 Coolah Bowling Club Registration Closed
Temora 26th May 2016 Temore Agricultural Innovation Centre Registration closed


Being a Better Boss (HR): Managing People

Recommended by 98% of participants (45 people) at 4 workshops. HR-WORKSHOP-PINGNSW

Maximum of 20 people per workshop.

Town Date Venue Register
 Corowa  27th May 2016 Corowa RSL  Registration form


Being a Better Boss (IR): Legal Obligations for Farm Businesses

Recommended by 100% of participants (55 people) at 4 workshopsLegal Obligations Flyer 

Maximum of 20 people per workshop.

Town Date Venue Register

Maximum of 20 people per workshop.Recommended by 98% of participants (85 people) at 7 workshops. Technology Flyer


Technology, Tablets and Tips

Recommended by 98% of participants (45 people) at 4 workshops. HR-WORKSHOP-PINGNSW

Maximum of 20 people per workshop.

Town Date Venue Register

Preferred Payment Method

Payments: To make the registration and payment process simpler for both you and PinG online payments via credit card is our preferred method of payment. If you can pay by credit card please have your card handy as you register.

EFT payments are still accepted. Simply close down the credit card payment screen after you register and pay by EFT, please use your name as identification and send the receipt to nsw@partnersingrain.org.au