e-leaders Grow, Innovate & Sustain Program – closing Friday

Posted on 17/08/2016 · Posted in Uncategorized

Applications for the National Rural Women’s Coalition’s E-Leaders Grow, Innovate & Sustain Program close this Friday 19 August.

Rural women who want to improve production and the sustainability of their primary industry production enterprise (agriculture, fisheries and forestry) have until this Friday 19 August to apply for the E-Leaders Grow, Innovate and Sustain Program.

Participants will be given support and guidance to develop a sustainability management plan, using virtual classroom technology and via email support during the entire program. This is a free program facilitated by the National Rural Women’s Coalition and funding from the Australian Government.

It provides yet another amazing opportunity for rural, regional and remote women to grow their personal and professional leadership.  Since 2012, over two hundred rural, regional and remote women have participated in various NRWC E-Leaders initiatives.

President Dr Patricia Hamilton says, “The NRWC has great pleasure in providing opportunities such as this for RRR women. Throughout these programs, we watch their professional development skyrocket. The benefits go beyond the initial leadership program. Women have ongoing access to free NRWC training and development as well as networking opportunities.”

“Writing a sustainability plan can sometimes seem daunting.  However, we have designed the program so that rural women can build upon their ideas and goals so that they have a manageable plan with clearly defined outcomes. We have a great line up of presenters who will support participants in their individual learning journeys.”

The acclaimed learning model for NRWC E-Leaders programs offers interactive workshop style sessions, in a virtual classroom, breaking through the geographical barriers that commonly see professional development from these women put in the too hard basket.  “We bring the classroom to them and provide access to industry leaders from all over Australia,” says Patricia.   “Alongside industry’s leading presenters, Julia Telford (QLD), Phil Tickle (NSW), Cathie Denehy (WA), Dr Simon Divecha (SA) and Liz Todd (QLD), participants will learn about sustainability and best practice natural resource management.  The women will nominate a project to work on during the program and by the end they will have the skills to develop a sustainability management plan”.    Dr Hamilton says, “It is wonderful that so many of these women continue on an on-going journey as part of the NRWC.  E-Leaders Alumnae-they share their amazing journeys with us in such a productive and positive way.”
Past E-Leader participant, Ana from King Island tells us, “This program is an exciting opportunity for women in primary industry production and I encourage everyone to apply”.  “The virtual classroom setting for e-learning is amazing. It’s just like being in a classroom and yet some of us are 3000km apart. I am on track to meet my goals to the benefit of my community.  The E-Leaders were and are, a great inspiration.” says Ana.

Information on the E-Leaders Grow, Innovate and Sustain Program can be found on the National Rural Women’s Coalition website www.nrwc.com.au Facebook page and Twitter.  Women from RRR areas in agriculture, forestry and fisheries are urged to apply.    Applications are now open and close this Friday 19 August at 4pm AEST 2016.  Apply using the online application formhttp://www.nrwc.com.au/Projects/E-LeadersProgram/2016E-leadersProgramApplicationForm.aspx. Places are limited to 20.

For further information, contact Melissa Boully, Communications Officer comms@nrwc.com.au or 0437 224 212.