It all began in 2001…

Partners in Grain (PinG) was officially launched in July 2001 by GRDC Managing Director Professor John Lovett.


It was was established nationally, to increase the human resource capital of the Australian grains industry.

It aimed to do this through facilitating professional development and support networks for all partners in the farming business.

“GRDC firmly believes that up-skilling women and young people will add to productivity, prosperity and sustainability of grain farms.

It will also have flow on benefits to the whole industry and regional communities, as the increased skills and confidence acquired by women and young people through the program encourages and enables them to increase their involvement in industry organisations and community activities and initiatives”.

The statement is a true today as it was 11 years ago.

While industry issues have changed and will continue to change, PinG has remained an organisation that is driven by farmers, listens to what the professional development needs of farmers are and then delivers locally relevant, personalised training for grain growers.