Done and Dusted in Colly

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Colly Shaking Off the Dust photo 1 - Catherine Kelly, from Embellish Atelier Sydney, had the ladies busy at the Shaking Off the Dust drought relief day in Collarenebri

Sometimes in the middle of something tougher than tough there is a glimmer of hope, a light relief that makes you smile.
The ‘Shaking off the Dust’ drought relief day in Collarenebri on Thursday, March 12 delivered a welcome break from the drought as the 35 participants took the time to enjoy a laugh, good food, great company and re-energise.
Organised by, Partners in Grain, the day was a wonderful balance of information and entertainment aimed at helping people to deal with the challenges their dry paddocks present.
“It was the smile on everyone’s face at the end of the day that made you realise it had been a success. Early on you could feel the energy in the room change as people let go of their troubles and relaxed;” said PinG Co-ordinator Theresa Pilcher.
The beginning of the day focused on coping with stress and how people can ch

oose how they react to achieve a different outcome.
The men then enjoyed some barefoot bowls while the women were busy learning to create silk flower fascinators with Sydney milliner Catherine Kelly.
“That was therapeutic time out,” said Mrs Pilcher. “When your hands are busy and you are active the talk flows.”
“That’s when people really let go and got into the spirit of the day and can I tell you the excitement was contagious as the ladies started planning what they would wear to the races with their new fascinators.

The afternoon session provided practical information to help people take an objective look at all the options available now and when it rains.
Third generation grazier, Rohan Dunsdon, from Bentleys Chartered Accountants in Brisbane, stressed the importance of early communication with the banks and the role your accountant can play in negotiating with the banks to find a financial way forward.
Naomi Hobson and George Truman from Local Land Services explained how to manage pasture growth for peak performance and the rates for feeding rations to help livestock maintain their weight when the first green pick occurs.
During the session with Drought Officer Paul King many in the room expressed their frustration with the paperwork involved in accessing drought relief funding.

Mr King said it is an issue they are aware of and working on but he urged people to contact him so he could help them through the process, not to self assess and even if you are unable to access the farm household allowance there might be other benefits available to you such as a health care card.

The day ended with Troy Peters from Collarenebri winning the lucky door prize of a $500 B&W Rural gift voucher, before everyone retired to de-briefed over drinks supplied by B&W Rural.
Mrs Pilcher said events like the ‘Shaking off the Dust’ day in Collarenebri are vital for keeping communities informed and connected as they deal with the daily grind of drought.
The Collarenebri event was part of the Australian Governments Drought Assistance package and was made possible through the assistance of Local Land Services, Bentleys, B&W Rural, Centacare, Schizophrenia Fellowship, Catholic Healthcare and Richmond PRA.

Colly Shaking Off the Dust photo 2 - Catherine Kelly, from Embellish Atelier Sydney, had the ladies busy at the Shaking Off the Dust drought relief day in Collarenebri